About Me

I shifted the way I eat in the summer of 2011 after watching a few documentaries–everyone keeps calling it a “fad” or a “diet that all young women go on”–but it’s much more.  I’m aware of the obesity epidemic, and know many people who are just trying to lose those last 5, 10, how-many-ever pounds.  I’ve spoken with many older friends and mothers, and most importantly, my mom, who all say pretty much the same thing…”I wish I’d known this…”, “I wish I’d done that…”, “Once (insert life change) came/happened, it was all down hill…”.  I’m doing this so that I can hopefully not say any of those lines to my kids in regards to good health and nutrition.

My changes include: 1) No “mass produced” meat. Only locally raised, grass fed, free range, cage free, etc, etc. 2) Less preservatives (i.e. the stuff in the middle aisles of the grocery store, which I have started to make at home, with a few exceptions) 3) As much local produce/goods as I can afford


These are my stories…

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