94 days later…

…I’m hoping very much that my Hobby Hiatus is over. 

To back up where I’ve been…shortly around my last post (February 27!!!!), I had a mishap in the kitchen while slicing zucchini for my dinner that left me with the tip of my thumb missing…(Sparing you the details, my boss told me that’s what I get for putting vegetables on my pizza)…which left me at no motivation to try anything, or get creative.

I was still making meals, but I was using standby recipes which are delicious, but not post-worthy.  The excitement of using winter vegetation had worn off, and I was looking forward to eating lighter food, however, such fruits and veggies that time of year are relatively expensive (reads: out of my part-time budget).

So instead of looking up recipes and trying new things, I really started job hunting…which I should have been doing all along, but that’s a different story.  Unfortunately nothing big has panned out yet, but I’m still very hopeful! So hopefully next winter’s eating wont be so boring…luckily now I have a whole year to plan for it!

So this is my re-introduction; now that the delicious crops of the spring are starting to come in great abundance (and my thumb is completely healed!).  While I never got away from eating healthy foods, I did buy and consume foods that I said I wouldn’t out of necessity.  Now, I am going to, as much as I can, stick to the local foods, and where I can, non-proccessed foods and at the very least, avoid foods with ingredients I can’t pronounce, which should be easy since CSA season is upon us!

What are you most looking forward to eating this summer??

Welcome Back && Happy Eating!!

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